How do I fix my vesc

I thought I could get this done but looks like I need some help. My drv chip fried and I tried to solder a new one on, in doing so I disconnected a few of the capacitors and resoldered them back on. I don’t think I put them back right. But also I’m not sure if I soldered the chip correctly. Whenever I plugged it into power the drv chip caught fire. So before I put another chip on there… what else should I do in the way of fixing the capacitors, and how do I know I have the drv chip the correct way?

Sorry to tell you this @ugothakd :cry: but the best fix is probably to buy a brand new VESC. There is a lot to repair, by the look of it, a few part missing, a few trace, pads and parts are busted. There probably also some damage to the MCU (so that need to be replace and we are taking about a 20 dollar chip).

It’s installed the wrong way…

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How do I fix the trace, pads, and parts? And why would that other chip be busted?

Seems to be the pads are definitely shot… Would it be easier ordering a new pcb and swapping everything over?

Props for trying! I failed the first few times I tried too!

Use Kapton tape to cover the areas you aren’t working on and get the DRV chip in the right orientation (align the circle on the chip with the one printed in white on the PCB) and next time you’ll be styling :ok_hand:.

I would just buy a new Vesc, but next time you blow a DRV, and there probably will be a next time, you’ll ready…almost, maybe, hopefully haha.

You know, I ordered kapton tape but didn’t use it because I didn’t care about the connectors. I should’ve used it because the capacitors fell off. Hopefully there isn’t a next time, but if there is I have two spare drvs since I ordered 3 because I knew I’d probably mess up

Yes, swapping the pcb is a solution, and maybe the best if you haven’t repair any trace before.