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How do I fix this? - Loose phase wires

What: NTM 50/60

Problem: loose phase wires

When: just took a ride…sparks started flying…turned off the board and noticed the phase wires got sizzled

Evidence: :eyes::film_projector:

Additional Info: motor seems to still work but will spark if the wires touch (no duh)

Hit me with a solution!

Best regards,

The Motor Slayer

Taking into account that the coils could be burned during the short-circuits, start with measuring your resistance on all 3 of them, the results should be equal.
If they are okay, it’s just a matter of opening up your motor and solder new wires with bullet connectors on the places the old ones were.
Maybe if the wire damage isn’t too big, a heatshrink could be an easy temporary fix.

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It looks like your whole stator is loose. You’ll need to take the bell off and epoxy that back into place.

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Yup, I am afraid that thisrealhuman is correct. Not just a case of resoldering something. When moving the outer can (rotor) the inner core (stator) should not move at all. Depending on motor construction there may be a set screw you can tighten between stator and housing.

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This happened to my friends ntm 270 for some reason it broke I just opened it cans used metal epoxy and it’s all good

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Get that tape of your motor while you are at it. You wouldn’t where a parka to the beach. I would guess you have been overheating that motor which caused the epoxy to fail.

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Buy a new motor, this motor needs to much Love to still be worth it.

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+1 on the FISA comment (F** It start again)

I’ll take it off your hands for ten bucks


Thanks guys …

Yep ur right @chaka but was testing what would happen and I guess I know now! :nerd_face:

@barajabali I bet it is saveable but I have zero desire to open and epoxy (cause I’m Lazy)

@JTAG that’s why I have spare motors lol…like inner tubes for flats lol

@thisrealhuman looks like I have another one for you hahhahha

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As an observation on NTM 50/60:

The stator moving seems to be a re-occurring issue with this NTM…seen 4 different examples of the same thing. Not sure if this is a quality issue but has been a reoccurring theme - Just a personal observation - so these will be the last I own

I think the problem is that they are not built for high torque from braking. I’ve repaired two of these in my time with the same issue.

I wonder if you could just drill a couple small holes through the stator and the stator mount (not sure exactly what its called) and then put a couple pins in it. So it wouldn’t just be a friction fit, but you could still take it off if needed.

I was bustin up a hill last night…I know not to break hard with these motors…I think that’s one of the biggest things that lessen these motors lifespan… These motors aren’t purposed for this … It was definitely heat related … Pushing too many amps for the motor to handle and the wires and can heated up… … I know it wasn’t because of wires rubbing because I keep mine tidy…

Looks like there will be a new slew of e-board motors for all of us to play with…hopefully over engineered to meet the rigors of what we all love

That’s what I did on my motors, no glue just a screw holding it from turning.
Will have to put more miles on them to see how it holds up though.

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Got any pics?

20 weooooords

If and when one of the bearings give up I’ll get some for you, had a cigarette butt get stuck between the belt and motor pulley a while ago that jammed it, might have damaged a bearing.
Can’t be assed to open it up until then, been to much on the bench as is :stuck_out_tongue: