How do I get my remote

So about a year ago I ordered a brand new nano x, after about 5 months of sitting I finished my board. Go to charge the remote and the charge port breaks I submitted i refund request about 3 4 months ago and get a response that i will get my remote, all good but the remote doesnt come and I find out my remote is being held by someone that used to work for you guys. I dont care that he has it but I’m not paying him to ship it and you guys (enertion) said you cant do anything. So you are holding my remote, why is that why cant I be sent a new one so i can enjoy my board like every one on this forum. Because I’m broke so I cant afford a new remote and I just want to ride. What’s going on guys, running out of remotes

Charge back through whoever you paid with, you don’t want enertion credit right now. They said it themselves, they’re not able to process refunds at this point financially. Plus you dodged a bullet. That remote is dangerous.