How do i mount focbox?

Im just wondering how everyone mounts the vesc/unity. Does u screw it into the enclosure, velcro it down, or just leave it in the enclosure not secured to anything? I have a metroboard enclosure and a focbox unity, any suggestions or help on what i should do?

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Either velcro it down, or hot glue it down, I don’t think anyone uses screws. If you leave it not secured to anything, it will bounce around the enclosure making an really unpleasant sound, and it could also damage it with the extreme vibrations caused by your board.

Is JB weld a good option to glue it down to the enclosure? It can transfer heat to the enclosure and disperse it.

use foam double back tape that gives you a bit of cushion. and super easy to use

Wont the heat from the focbox melt the glue?

i use velcro

Double sided heat transfer tape is what you need. Can also strap down with velcro strips

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Get a hunk of aluminum plate off Amazon. Then use thermal tape and put the MC down. Attach it to the enclosure via the same shit because you will have plenty or use silicone, double sided tape, or velcro.

This will help with thermal issues. I PROMISE. It is worth the extra $20. And you will have thermal tape for future projects.

The aluminum plate, get like 1/4" or whatever you can fit, plenty of options. Cut it to fit your setup with a dremel or a grinder.

Go ahead and pin this because this is the proper solution.


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