How do i open a Enertion motor?

My R-spec 6374 makes weird noises when i turn it with my hands. Sounds like a stone or something but it wont fall out from spinning or blowing air in. Sound a bit like metal scratching on metal Could it be that one magnet broke? I saw somewhere a post with a broken magnet in enertion motor.

To open the motor you need to take off the pulley and remove all the C-clips from the motor shaft there should be 2 c-clips holding on the pulley an on holding the motor shaft in front of bearing. Once you have taken out the c-clips the rotor or Outside part of the motor should simply slide out, it may require some force to pull it out due to the strong magnets. A pair of C-clip pliers would be ideal but I have done it without them using a flat head screw driver, just remember to be careful of the c-clips as they can fly off so it might be a good idea to put the motor in a zip lock bag while taking off the c-clips.

Thanks i will try it!

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Also while you have to motor apart use an old toothbrush to clean out all the dirt :slight_smile:

Im finish now, i actually found a rly little magnet splinter nothing big. Now its spinns free. thx :wink:

Same thing just happened to me. How long did it take you to get it open and did you replace the magnet

I didnt had to replace a magnet. There was a really small magnet splinter. but nothing big or broken. I needed araund 20-30mins to open, clompletely clean out (A old toothbrush is perfect for it) and close/mount.

Thanks. Ill have to do that this weekend