How do i secure my enclosure to the deck?

So i recently finished my 3d printed ABS enclosure and i was wondering if someone has any good solutions on how to get it to hang on the underside of my deck.

I recently bought these: I was hoping to drill holes into the board and connect my enclosure with bolts. Though i am afraid vibrations will make the screws dig into the deck until they fall out. Could i possibly use some sort of glue in the holes i drill, before inserting the screws?

Or does anyone have any other good sugestions?

Some big Sex bolts and steel stainless steel screws bro, from the hardware store…

The ones on the right came with an enclosure, the ones on the left I got from the hardware store and they function perfectly! Drill out the deck, screw in the insert from the top, bolt on enclosure…and shred…



I have those neat sexy bolts and screws, was just afraid they would gnaw on the wood to much, think il drip a drop of wood glue down the drill hole before insertion to get em good and lubed up! Thanks though


The linked thread will get you really clean results image


Follow this procedure

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