How do I setup TorqueBoard's 12S ESC? (Partially Solved) Post #6 Lists new problem

I recently received The TB 12S ESC, but I dont know how to make it run… I programmed it with the programming card, the only setting I was unsure about was BEC voltage. I just left it at 5V. The motor does that little jerk that it is supposed to do every time I change a setting on the card, so i know my motor is connected properly. My receiver is binded properly to my remote as indicated by the solid red light on the receiver. Everything seems okay but when I wire it all up the remote throttle does not control the motor… Help

@torqueboards is on the forum he can probably help with this @Brando. I’m wondering if it’s a trim control issue; have you tried modifying the trim settings on the remote?

Can we see a pic of your wiring? Are you sure your motor leads are properly connected?

Which remote are you using? If it’s the TB Mini, your trim knobs on top (white) should be 12 oclock and 2 oclock.

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Also, if you are using GT2b - make sure you are on CH2 which is throttle. I’d swap the to all the channels and re-try throttle in case that fixes.

Thanks all! It was a trim issue on the remote. Btw, I have the nano remote. I just turned the trim until it responded.

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@torqueboards So I came across another problem after testing the board on the road. It is very slow. I had to turn the throttle trim on your nano remote all the way down because that is the only way that the motor would actual stop spinning on neutral throttle. If I turn the trim up then the motor reaches max speed, but when I take my hand of the trigger the motor is still spinning. how can I get full speed and still have the motor coast when I take my hand off the throttle?

@Brando - Not too sure on that one. I don’t use the Nano personally as much. But technically that is what the trim does.

What is your setup? Voltage? Motors? Single/Dual?

Not sure if anyone has any other advice or suggestions for this?

If you adjust trim on the nano, you have to rebind to recenter the throttle.

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@Jinra I’ll try that when my batteries finish charging in a bit @torqueboards I have two 5Ah 3S Lipo’s in series, and one of your 230KV 2650W motors.

@jinra I re-binded my nano remote with the trim on max and it didnt fix it. How do you tell the esc what your neutral point is? on my old 6S esc from tb, there was a set button on it that you used to calibrate it.

How slow is it going exactly because you’re only running 6s?

It goes 13mph which is obviously low for 6S. I can get it up to 18mph if I stick a screwdriver in the remote trim while im riding it lol. But then when I take my hand off the controller it goes at about half speed instead of coasting.

Oh man so it does sound like a remote issue then… I’ve never used that remote so I’m not sure how it operates

My remote has a 1.11 min with a 2.1x max on default, which can go up and down depending on trim. My min stays the same regardless of trim though. Neutral moves with trim as well. This is probably why he’s having problems.

@Jinra Are you suggesting that your nano remote works differently than mine? I got mine from . how about you?

This may seem off topic, but how is the braking?

I’m not suggesting it’s different, just giving you an idea of how it’s setup, at least on mine. I got mine from @kaly

@barajabali breaking is fine. Seems pretty strong even at 30%. When it was at 80% it would use ABS breaking I think. The breaks would pulse.

Okay, I dont think kaly’s would work differently. So all you did was rebind and it set the neutral point? Im still not home, but when I do get back ill send a video documenting my whole problem.

Well my setup is different since I’m running VESCs. I can set min and max pulsewidth on it.