How do I wire a 12s5p

I have spent the better part of 10 hours the last few days trying to figure out how to properly wire (with balance wires) a 12s5p in a specific formation that best fits the board. I am using the black brackets, and have 60 batteries I want to us in the pack. I think after a couple hours, the brain goes dead and nothing makes sense.

I see a few packs that totally make sense, but when I try to apply that logic to my pack (due to size limitation of the board and I just lose it.

Doing 2 rows of 30, I don’t think will be possible because it ends up being 24" long, (I don’t have the board yet, so won’t know until next week).

I didn’t want to stack any of them but now that I think about it, if I only stack one or two rows, and keep that close to the trucks, I have less chance of an issue going over a speed bump or something and bottoming out.

I figure one of the two formations would work, but no certain how to wire them.

I tried to get an idea on how Enertion did theirs (but not certain how it would come into play with stacking them), but their wiring confusing me. It’s clear they have a 10s BMS, but the balance leads don’t seem to line up to that, or at least, I am not understanding how they do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am fried trying to think about it.

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I have a 12s4p pack, see if this helps

basically treat each 5p pack as a single battery. take each of those and wire them in series to make your 12s pack.

I suggest getting your deck and enclosure first and configure the pack to conform to their dimensions. in fact, try to mock your board first before doing any welds or soldering.

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one more option (if u are brave enough) would be to make a cutouts in the deck… this would save you a few cm / inch of the total height of the battery pack… unpopular would be to mount it top side…

I might consider that in my next build. If I can save a half inch it’d have less of an issue stacking them. Then 12s6p will probably be the next step lol

Back from vacation and got my board today. I put some batteries on it, and I just don’t see stacking them at all. I think a single row is going to be the best bet.

I think 2 rows of 30 sounds best. Does this look correct for 12s5p?

(yes, one is missing, but will hopefully find the little bastard soon, or will rip open another 10s pack.) Pardon the dirty sock, I thought that was a rag, haha.

What deck is this

Budget - Chinese. 42" x 9.5"

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looks like you’ll be a little short on space once the pack is done. One thing I did for my first build was turn all the 5p units 90 degrees, so the entire pack becomes wider, but shorter. That should give you a little extra room at the end for the vesc, BMS and wiring.

I am/was worried I wouldn’t have enough room on the sides to mount the pack to the board. I want to build a carbon fiber case around it so I just went with the other option. I can certain do this instead of it’s a better idea. I was thinking better weight displacement too the other way, but I did like the idea of having more room.

It’s an 8-9 ply deck, almost flat, a little bow, but little give at all.

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Yeah, with 5p there isn’t that much room, is there? You cloud also stack a couple units up near the truck where clearance isn’t much of an issue, then leave them a single layer in the middle of the board where you’d be most likely to high-center it.