How do wire this on off power button?


Can some one please tell me how I’m suppose to wire this? I’m assuming black to black and then white to which white wire? and does it even matter as long as just black is to black? thanks!

pics, and also you cant just put a on off button on battery wires, it will blow on the first press probably if not on the first, a day later

Sorry totally forgot to upload, thanks

ask for the instructions from the seller, the xt plug goes to the battery, 2 of those wires should be for the switch and the other 2 should be for the switched LEDs

Bought it from a 3rd party but this was on the back

Ask the 3rd party then :smiley: Or maybe someone will know how to do it for sure

Lol I did they just said look on the back of the chip… but thanks

thanks again bro… incase anyone else has this problem… on the back of the chip and on the bottom of the plug have the codes

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