How do you carry electric skateboards?

I’ve got a limited length elastic band on my longboard but I recently got a cruiser that is so small for a back strap, do you guys have ways to free your hands or do you just hold them?

I ride mine


With my hands


I carry them


Balance the board on my head


I got a bigass handle I bolted on. It’s great.

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No but really my 12s4p hummie deck is a pain to carry. I try not to take it anywhere that I’d have to carry the deck around very much. My riptide has built in handles and is only 30inch so it’s easy to mall grab or hang off the side of a shopping cart.


Is size or weight usually the issue?


Mall grab… Or I trolley the ones that can be dragged

I walk it on a leash. You have to use a leash or it’s gona try to smell other boards’ butt hole.


So much junk in the truck I just rest that shit on it like a counter top

Nah I’m a cutting board, I actually hold the front truck and use my shoulder to hold part of it as well, works well and I guess it’s somewhat of an exercise as my arm feels the burn after 10 minutes or so


Show off lol

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Drawer handle under the nose on shortboards and a kayak handle on the side for longboards

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grab front ruck, drag around in store OR, Power on board, place grocery basket ontop, pretend that its following you around, like a mad man.

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I made an aluminum handle for mine that attaches to trucks and double as motor protection, i can push it front or roll it behind. No resistance bc no motors on front trucks. Its not tech carrying, but my board prob weighs more than 35lbs so i dont wanna ever have to actually carry it lol. 20190115_150818 20190115_15071720190115_150802


I made a thick paracord “bracelet” and looped it around the X-Thing gap in the Hummie drop through hole. I’ve dragged it around pretty easily



Is this a 4wd build? Otherwise the other end would be the lighter side and make it easier to pull

Naw its 2wd, so yes you are correct. Might be a little lighter, but I set it up this way for a few reason. Not in any particular order. Motor protection(from bottom and behind), having motor on ground might be lighter but there would be drag from each motor while pulling/pushing. Which i feel makes it more manuverable. Also there would be some gear noise pulling/pushing it. Literally no sound moving it now. I havent tried the it the other way so mostly educated speculation there. I did make it to fit around the motors. if i did do a front handle itd only have 1 upward bend. I like how it looks in the back lol. I havent had to carry it very long at all and im a big guy so it hasnt bothered me carrying it that way(im 6’5", 260lbs) So yeah, just a few small reasons that seemed like enough for me personally to do it that way.


It’s a bit difficult with a 25+lb board that has a big kick tail. Pretty much gotta awkwardly mall grab it and switch hands when one tires out since I can’t really roll it behind me…