How do you deal with Focboxes 3.5 Connectors

I saw that modifications to the Focboxes void the wrarranty , but most motor wires don’t have plugs for 3.5mm. How do you get around this without voiding the warranty on both the motors or the Focboxes ?

Also in the even in which soldering is a must , should on solder on 3.5mm Plugs on the motor wire ?

you could always make converter cables for the phase leads

Noone can tell you what you should do. You already seem to know know what it is possible.

FocBox side

  • change connectors (W/void)
  • replace cables (W/void - possibly not noticeable)

Motor side

  • change connectors


  • use adapters (make or buy)

Pick one :slight_smile:

Changing connectors voids warranty? that’s ridiculous


What is ridiculous is using 5.5mm connector :wink:, 3,5mm are more than enough for any esk8 use.


If I remember well I had 3.5 on my 4.12 VESC and I changed them to 5.5 to be able to connect to SK3 6374. I did not think about the warranty to be honest (for what it’s worth…)

Haha, but the only reason FocBox comes with 3.5 connectors is Raptor 2 and it’s hubs. If it was using 4mm, FocBox would have 4mm and so on. It’s was just easier for Raptor production.

Not related to your comment but just information for everyone. 3.5mm might be enough provided you have quality connectors. The cheap ones most often have pretty crappy surface quality (gold plated my ass) and high resistance which could be a problem with high current transfer. So get decent connectors if you’re swapping them.


Focbox use Genuine Amass connector, which are the real deals in term of bullet connector.

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Yes, but R-Spec are still one of the most powerful motor out there, and they only use 3.5mm :crazy_face:

Yea, I know FocBox uses quality ones, was saying if swapping on motor side :slight_smile:

i use 8mm bullets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


9mm here :slight_smile:


And then you wonder how you had busted your original budget :crazy_face:


exact same price as 5.5mm bullets :rofl:


I used 7.62 NATO bullets years ago…

…does it count? :sunglasses:


Make an adapter. Solder a 3.5mm to a 5.5mm bullet connector then shrink tube. Done

BTW warranty BS. Changing connector should not void a warranty. Two out of six of the connectors on my FocBoxes had cold joints and pulled right out when I was pulled off the phase wires.


I use scotch tape

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If anybody wants, $6 for 3, $12 for 6, shipping included within the US


Just got my FOCBox today, was disapointed to see XT60 and the tiny bullet connectors… And replacing them void the warranty, what the F*. They should provide them without connectors in that case, or provide the option for it. I don’t want to make adapters, that just adds stuff that’s not really needed. But at the same time, I need to at least test the Focbox to see if it works properly and if not, send it back. Decisions decisions… #1stWorldProblems


Now that is pretty.

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