How do you pick the right switch with the right amount of voltage?

I’m shopping for parts for my first hub motor build and still learning as I go along. More or less the build will consist of a 40 cell battery pack, and a 200A Dual ESC.

This seller sells LED switches with 3 voltage varieties: 3V-6V (5V), 9V-24V (12V), 110-220V

Can anyone explain to me what determines the voltage amount?

just buy an ESC that comes with a built-in power switch…


To answer your question. The voltage refers to the voltage the LED requires in the button. As for the switch inside those, you need an anti-spark switch circuit to use it. As your full battery amps certainly will blow it. Or as onloop mentioned, a esc with the switch circuit built in.

Other cheap option could be a Loop key.

For info on anti-spark and loop keys, I’m sure the forum search will help you out

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I see. Thing is I already have the ESC. It’s the Dual VESC6 from FlipSky:

You reckon I should ask FlipSky on the switch voltage?

This is the ESC that I got:

Do the specs hint at any inbuilt circuit for the switch? When you say Loop Key do you mean the XT-90-S Anti-Spark Female Connector?