How do you plan your builds?

Just wondering… What’s your process?

So much research and waiting for new products and looking at other peoples builds but focusing on what it is I want in the end

I use a google spreadsheet :joy:

My template


Yep, that’s the one. Thanks @link5505 :joy:

Let your imagination run the build

I’m very amginative. I think of all kinds of stuff. I let my mind run wild. Sometimes what i decide from the beginning never end up with at the end. I’m always changing. I have four builds now on my mind and have crazy ideas. I just have to wait to see what I end up with. I :heart: love this crazy hobby.

Patience, patience and more patience. I’ve learned from other hobbies to not rush a build. It’s common that things may change in the middle of a build. Just make sure the changes you make are for the benefit of the build and not just to get it done faster. And have fun with it! The process is half the fun. I learned that when I rush a project I regret it at the end. Also this specific hobby requires alot of waiting for parts.

I use a notetaking app. Lol. Excel is good too

Step 1- Read here and endless sphere daily. Step 1.5- check bank account-grimace Step 2 - Find cool looking stuff and sweet new parts/ideas/tech Step 2.5 - think to myself how I should be saving for retirement and maybe a family of house and be a responsible adult. Step 3 - Look into cheap alternatives or DIY to replicate said new parts/ideas/tech. Step 4 - wait a day or two watching threads evolve, seeing if someone else found a cheaper better way to do said thing. Step 4.5 - look at bank account again hoping someone mistakenly deposited a couple thousand there by accident Step 5 - Continue reading about awesome new stuff. Step 5.5 - once again check bank account now rationalizing the future purchase. Step 6 - order said stuff, and wait anxiously for stuff to make it to Europe. Step 6.5- smile/ cringe when package arrives and significant other asks me what I spent money on Step 7 - disappear into my makeshift workshop to setup prepare new toy(s) for hours while learning about the tech and science that governs it. Step 8 - finish build elated and ride new setup smiling like a kid on Christmas morning. Step 9 - return to workshop and think about what improvements can be made. Return to step 1