How do you wire all these balance wires?

I’m not exactly sure, so I csnt answer for sure. Sorry.

The way I thought it worked was that the voltage would disperse evenly across the p groups

Were the batteries balanced before you connected them to the battery?

I have a balance charger I used before I got a bms and I charged them all to about 70%

Unfortunately that means they’re likely unbalanced. Balancing during charging happens during the later part of the charging period, once batteries are mostly full.

Sounds like the bms isn’t the issue, and speaking from experience, it’s only bad to keep poking around with the shit that works :joy::joy:

Focus on the loop key for now, maybe that will fix your problem

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Yea I was just gonna do that because the switch isn’t fully turning the vesc off. I don’t want the batteries to drain all the time.

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