How do you wire the battery-indicator to an esc?

Right now I have wired my battery indicator directly to the plus and the minus of the ESC. This works fine, but the only problem is the fact that it doesn’t turn off. This ESC has a built-in powerswitch so I don’t really know how to wire it.

Here is a picture and a link of the ESC:

The link isn’t where I bought it, but it is the exact same model.

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Dont know the ESC but if the ESC works for 40$, that’s already an achievement :wink:

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Can you post good quality pictures of the ESCs top and bottom so that we can see some traces? You might be able to “hack” it. Also what does the battery indicator look like? just 2 (+ and - wires) or 3 (+ and - for power and an additional one for sensing)?

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I use that ESC on my cruiser. Tbh it kinda sucks, but it will get the board moving and do it for cheap.

As far as battery indicator, you’ve got 2 options:

  1. wire in an indicator across the ESC with its own power switch so you can turn it off and not kill the battery.

  2. buy the battery indicator for that ESC from I believe @dickyho sells them


Okay thank you!

I soldered the battery indicator to an extra xt90 connector, then I plugged it in between the batteries and the esc using a parallel connector. Really easy, works great, and I can unplug it to replace or just if I don’t want it on very easily.