How do your spot welds look?

Hey guys! I have been doing some welding with the aulakiria welder aka the “boss level” spot welder. It works great!

I am just wondering how other’s welds look. Here is how mine looks so far…

How many welds if recommended what does a good weld look like? Thank you!

A good spot weld is when you can’t pull the strip off with pliers.

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With these the nickel will tear if I try and pull it off.

that’s what you want

welds are good, but you might want to do multiple layers if it’s an eskate battery

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Using Malectrics Arduino V3.1 spot welder

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Thanks everyone!

I lower the welders milliseconds a bit @Namasaki

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Yup exactly what @Namasaki said.

Also do not use the nickel strip that is provided with the welder. It’s nickel plated steel and is not suitable for our use. I just used them to play around with the welder when I first got it.

Performance varies with source voltage too so keep an eye on it as you go for changes and adjust accordingly

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Yeah I heard that. This is 0.2 pure nickel from batterysupport.

I also sanded a piece and threw it in some salt water. All good.

I also noticed that the temperature of the fets which is displayed makes a big difference too.

When it’s at like 25°C it’s heaps stronger than at 35-40°C

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For 0.2 7ms is the usual flux time.

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After messing around a bit, that seems about right.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!!! :grin: