How does everyone charge?

Hey guys, looking to finish off my build by making everything neat, just curious the different ways to charge my board, also like to see ideas from the community for inspiration

I use an IMAX B6AC V2 to charge my lipos. The lithium-ion pack I am building will have a BMS and a power supply to charge it.

If you are going the cheap way and are using multiple lipos, I would suggest that you use a pararell charging board, like this one:

yeah i got the same charger, im trying to think of a way to charge my lipos while inside a enclosure

How does that parallel charging board balance the cells properly?

Id like to see a poll for this topic

Well I don’t know the science behind it but it does balance the cells quite well in my experience. But I have only used it 4 times now. Still the cells on my 3 x 3s batteries are all within a 0,02 volt difference. The important thing is to make sure all your cells are within a close voltage to each other when using this board. In my case it basically tells my charger that I’m charging one big 3s battery.

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I use a BMS with my LiPos

Thanks, I didn’t know it was an option. It’s going to make my charging setup much easier with 2 x 4s 10000mAH batteries. :slight_smile:

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I use a BMS along with this for my 6s setup:

if you’re running a 10s, just buy an ebike charger. They are also dirt cheap.

Which BMS did you get? Im looking for a 6s BMS

This one -

It’s pretty popular here

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Thanks! Just ordered that and the charger! Im tired of removing lipos to charge them

I use a cheap 6s brick style charger as above. No bms.

Plug it straight into my board - no need to remove the battery.

il get on to it

would it be possible to use a bms and connect a xt60 to the bms, and use a regular lipo charger?

I don’t think that would work. But if you already have a charger you probably also have a brick that plugs into it. Once you have the bms wired up you just plug that brick to the bms

I have the imax b6 v2.

Il have a look at It. Just thinking of the best ways to charge without taking then out

Thats what im doing too, i bough 6s 60A bms and a 25.2V brick, total cost+shipping 68$