How does she do that?



She´s a world famous pro skateboarder, who is just landing from a 100m jump in this picture.


it may look like the rear truck is elevated but its not, just an optical illusion.


Yep, the road seems bumpy in the middle and she is on the other side of the “bump” (compare to the viewer) but all 4 wheels are on the ground, for me.

Basic optical illusion, as benjamin said just above

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It happens to me a lot, and if you don’t have dual drive system you will hate when it happen. Just lean back when you making a turn and it will happen to you too.

i drive singledrive and this doesnt rly happen to me, even when carving hard, dunno what your stance is on the board

When you lean very hard into a turn the board will lift up after some time. you cannot glue the wheels to the tomach. I only loose the traction of the outer wheels when i went 3kmh and made a tight turn. Oh, and last time my front outer wheel just lifted up, by a damn Little rock…, in a 40kmh curve. Scary but gladly i did not fall and just cruised along

Boobs…boobs give you magical influence over gravity, power consumption and speed as well as the ability to garner free meals :slight_smile:


I think Boosted was totaly flashed from the superior Aliexpress-Photoshop-Guy and hired him to do some ads for them. I´m talking about this piece of art:

If it’s on the History Channel, it has to be true.

You forgot to add a randomly placed shadow coming off of his board.

you might want to loosen your trucks a bit …