How fast is too fast?

What do you think is the fastest you should go on an electric skateboard ? I’ve been talking to ngv about upgrading my 68mph to a 96+ mph but now I’m thinking where is too much ? It’s sorta like having s big red button where you know you won’t push it but you know you could, giving more power in a sense you know ?

Have you made it to 68mph on it yet?


Personally I never really go over 50km/h I would assume most people are the same.

Have you actually been up to 68mph?! That seems crazy.


Video or it didn’t happen…


Have you done 40 on it yet?


hahaha fuck, you are funny @SkateSwordsman


WPH is too fast. Wobble per hour. So dependent on deck. I’ve only been able to go 25mph on my setups. I’m way too high off the ground. Need me an EVO deck next

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Think about how fast you could go while being able to maintain control of a high powrred popsicle stick that with the slightest motion could send you veering off to your doom with broken bones:)


I made it to 50, the charger damon gave me was cheaply made and defective so I’m waiting on a new one to come to me atm. It’s very thrilling! (I might throw a cape on… for… reasons…)


i’d say get comfortable with 70mph, comfortable enough to where it feels like cruising speed. then upgrade if you want (and feel like you can handle) more

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I’ve done 50 on it so far im getting up there, it takes 12 seconds to go to max speed and I usually run out of rode to do it, I need to find the perfect place for my max speed drive :frowning:

You can die from falling over and cracking your skull while standing in place… chances are pretty low, but it can and does occasionally happen. Seizure out and break something vital or other scenarios where your head gets split. One of my friend’s brothers fell back from leaning in a chair and busted his head open on a coffee table, wasn’t life threatening for him, but could have been if he hit a corner with his head (visit to the hospital stitches and he was good). Force per unit surface area is pressure, more pressure equals more damage. You fall on a sword and you’re dead.

Also you guys should learn the difference between kilometers and miles before going so fast or post some vids of your land speed records.

Pretty sure fastest I’ve gone is about 24mph but I don’t take it on speed runs anymore since I’m not running a long board it’s not really a safe thing for me to do. I get on avg 12mph on regular cruising around trips and usually peak around 18-20mph, that’s a comfortable fast to me, blood pumping and fun but not tear jerking, to each their own though.


That sounds like a pretty stupid idea to me, no offence. If you haven’t reached the max speed you can on this board why upgrade it? The next one will also likely have much less torque as they will have to use higher kv motors


Yep pretty much identical to my thoughts. Also max speed on most roads here is 30 mph anyway.

Fastest I’ve been on mine was 50 km/h, and I thought that was scary. I can’t even imagine going highway speeds!

Edit: Do you need special wheels to go that fast?

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The regulations of my country forbid us to hit the road. Pavement only. Therefore I ride slow mostly. “Too much” depends on the people walking. At mornings when there’s no one I can run faster but pavement allows decent speeds only at some streets.

I’m using roller coaster wheels lol from ngv

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Deck height ain’t the problem or the biggest factor though.

Check your set up for upgrades such as:

  • Eliminate slop in your truck (sleeved washers/cupped)
  • Run an eliminnator bushing boardside
  • position yourself over he truck as much as possible
  • work on your tuck
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I’m very happy going 10-15 mph and carving it up in shorts and T-shirt. I have gone 33 mph and it was not fun in my opinion. At 50+ mph you need full leathers, full helmet, leather shoes and gloves. High speed is for adrenaline junkies.