How feasible would a solid drive axle be?

So say you have a pulley on the axle, and it drives both wheels.

I don’t mean feasibility as far as construction, but as far as having both wheels locked to the same rotation speed. That obviously is not ideal for turning and riding on pavement, but how big of an issue would it really be? Longboards have a pretty narrow width wheel base, and have a kinda of larger turning radius which makes the negative effects smaller.

Are there builds that have done this?

The advantage here would be using a single motor to power both wheels, but would it be worth it?

It’s been done and failed, you lose too much traction while turning…

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If you can build a differential, it could work.

If there was a cheap effective way to do Eskate diffs, we’d probably be running all 4 wheels off one motor.

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It’s been done and worked - not sure what you are talking about

There have been like a 1000 threads on this and just one or two weeks ago we had the same discussion. There are people claiming it won’t work while others say it will work and noone really proved the others wrong.

What if you a single motor driving two pulleys, one with a cogged belt, and one with a smooth belt.

One could slip, and one would not.

Thats getting more complicated again, but still only one motor.

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