How fun is it to ride an offroad board?

as the title asksssssssssss


I dunno, I hope to know around the time summer rolls around.

I used to ride street style only, but after try off road, I love it <3

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As you can see…it’s super boring…


I hope to try it some day but I feel like I need a street build first since an offroad would be cumbersome to communte with… looks like a blast wish I could try it out, would love to blast by people riding off paved paths like a mad man

sad thing is the amount of power they take and how much more expensive

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I hate that we have to trade form for function when we bottom mount batteries with a trampa board or any mtb. I really wish someone would work on a perfect solution.

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Who knows what 2019 brings… I know some things are on the way. Maybe one of them will fit your taste :wink:


Noo but I’m building my board already :joy::joy:

Not building it from scratch again… :joy::joy::rofl:

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In one word: “boring” I was so bored the first time that i almost fell asleep while riding. rio




I do this on my steet build still lol 20190315_184457


Yes you are, don’t lie to yourself…lol

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A lot, even on street wheels



the only reason I would ‘rebuild’ is if i were to get a kaly deck. I dont think ill ever want to change my setup, as its (imo) only the best

Urban treads + trampa rims ( this is also subject to change, i might go all the way up to 8 inch)

12s7p 30q


Etoxx 1:4 Helacial

Maytech surf remote

Urban carve trampa

maytech 170 6374 sealed

like, i dont even know what I would want to upgrade on that board to make it ‘better’

maybe suspension if I dont end up liking it?

The hub cruiser… thats a different story x)

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man it totally sucks, I hate flying past trees in beautiful forests without needing to worry about being hit by a car and I really miss the pollution from all the car engines too :wink:

I started off with street wheels and didn’t think I would be bothered about off-road, now I am totally addicted to hitting the dirt trails near me.

took this a few days ago during a sunny spell between the horrible rain we’ve had the last week or so muddy


You don’t have a top mount battery, how do you handle the water ingress and everything like that

if you make sure the enclosure is sealed properly it’s not an issue. That said I won’t go full speed into a deep puddle as that is just asking for trouble


@hyperIon1 is doing my board… Hopefully he puts the fattest gasket possible :rofl::rofl:

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i have the AT cheap ass pnuemi set up… and although its fun being able to go where I want I def need a more knobby tire… it has a hard time with traction (naturally) and i feel like thats part of the fun Im missing.