How good is my electric skateboard? (I plan to buy this)

Hello, I want to buy my first electric skateboard and don’t have that big of a budget. I have made a list of parts I want to buy for my skateboard. Can you please give my some tips for parts I need to replace or something? (I am the most insecure about the batteries) TY :slight_smile:


ESC + Programmer


24v power supply:



Belt drive:

Total cost: €170,79 The motor mount I will make myself and the controller too.

That psu will get your batteries to only 4v per cell

Oh so I will need a 25,2v one you mean

25.2V 2A Smart Charger For 21.6V 22.2V 25.2V Li-ion Li-Po Lithium Battery US Plug

Yeah like this. It will get your batterty to 6x4.2v. Actually it won’t get right up to 4.2. But I have a similar one and 4.17v is good enough

And about the batteries. Go 45c better than 20c if you can

Ah I saw that one too, but is the amperage not to low? I saw a vid about modding a psu:

You could go that way too. The power brick I shared should be good enough to charge a 6s5000mAh battery in about 3 to 4 hours. I wouldn’t charge my battery daily at a much higher rate though

Oh okay thank you! I was planning to do that, charging them daily with higher rate like 5A, but I didn’t know that is unsafe. I think Im going your route!!

Not exactly unsafe.
It is safe to charge a Lipo at 1C (5A for a 5amp battery) But they will live longer if they are charged slower. Also gives more time for the bms to balance

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thank you, I think I will use the adapter u linked to me, only one problem: I live in Europe and the adapter is selled with an US cablesocket… Do you know where I can find another adapter?

Don’t buy any batteries from a brand like ZOP. I bought one exactly like that and it puffed within 3 months of light use. I have heard very good things about the Zippy batteries.

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ohh good you say that! Zippy is indeed the go to lipo

i’d say buy a vesc from @torqueboards for $ 100 instead of the esc / program card . At 6s with conservative values you should be fine and the Vesc is everything you want from an esk8 Esc. Also you need a controller of some sort like the GT2B ($30) or something.

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He said he is on a budget and he is in Europe so he will get an extra $40 shipping charge. That esc looks ok although a Fvt 120a one from banggood might be better since it has been used a lot more. Or a Xcar beast esc from Hobbyking. That’s what I run and it’s rock solid. What wheels will you be using?

I will use the trucks and wheels from a longboard I got a year ago, the diameter of the wheels is 6.5cm and they are solid, so I need to drill holes in it. Thank you for the ESC recommendations, I think I will still use the other ESC but if it breaks I know which ESC I will buy next.

Sorry i should’ve read the part that you say you’re in EU. Good luck my man.

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65mm is pretty small wheels, so you will Get very little ground clearance. I would recommend you too just buy some 90/97 mm flywheel clones for like 30$. They will fit good with the pulley set you linked to

What is the most you will possibly spend

It’s hard to get cheap clones outside US. I’m in Aus and for shipping its $50 plus $20 for the wheels that’s $70 so I might as well get real wheels