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How has Stary made their electric skate board so thin?

How have they made it so slim and what parts did they use to keep the thinness?

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just cut a hole in a deck and put your lipo and esc in there then cover it with a thin plate of steal and reinforce the thing carbon fiber.

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Maybe it doesn’t have many Whs

true <100Wh

thanks but how would you get a battery to fit do you have any recommendations? delta_19

follow the post in your other thread about the same thing

Im looking for 10mm at most thickness though?

Sorry what dose whs mean?

energy in the battery

Like watts or Mah or c rate what kind of energy?

Ah x V

whs is short for Watt Hours :slight_smile:

It has a sweet remote!

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This is another one of my topics you might like hopefully you will be able to help answer my question or learn something.