How Hot Do Motors Usually Get?

A question that always pops in my head is, how hot do motors get after use? Is it enough to mess with the loctite inside the motor mount screws or the screws aren’t even in the danger zone to be effected by the heat, it’s a dumbass question I know. In a way it’s good to know this stuff in my opinion

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The motors shouldn’t exceed over 120°c since the esc will kick in (if you have the temperature sensors). But, they can get extremely hot. If it’s hot to the touch, you will need to cool it off.

Although I never got it to loosen the loctite from my motors on the motor mount so you shouldn’t have issues there. I use the blue loctite myself.

I got hall sensors on my 6374 Flipsky motor. I used 243 Blue Loctite. That’s a relief tho, I was worried that the screws would pop out mid ride or that stench of melted glue

I have never gotten mine hot enough to not be able to touch. :joy::man_shrugging:


What kind of motor you use?

I typically use flipsky 6384

I actually did once. It was due to going up a really high grade hill (45% if I recall with sensorless). I thought I killed my motor.

You’re good.

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Those have to be wide lmao

Not too wide :joy:


Could be the trucks you got on also, my caliber ll couldn’t fit one more 6374 if I wanted to :joy: also nice build

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Yeah the 16 in wheelbase definitely helps. :joy: BN has some 270mm rkp hangers that would work for you.

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Might have to look into that once I’m ready for the V.2 of the build, gotta get one V.1 done before anything :joy: