How I can go faster?

Hey so i have 83mm 9s and 270kv motors and its geared 35/16 and i am only going 15mph.

you should aero tuck :laughing:


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what kind of controllers and settings are you using? it should be able to go ~35mph on flat ground…

to only go 15mph top speed with that gearing i think it would need to be an issue involving extremely low battery current (less than ~5a battery current per motor) or steep hill.

I recently switched from 80mm Orangatang Kegels to 100mm MBS All-Terrain wheels. From 43km/h I reached to 47km/h, not such a significant change in my opinion. I expected much higher numbers to be reached.

So the vesc makes the diff. If I have a cheap esc 430w vs a vesc that is 1500w. Will this makes any diff??