How I failed at my controller

Old lower cost version and new updated version

? The boards I bought appear to have 3 ICs on them. The TP4056, a DW01A and an 8205A, the latter 2 being lithium protection ICs (both with charge and discharge protection). I’m not sure what you mean.

You got the right one, there’s an older cheaper version without those 2 ic

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Oh cool, that’s what I thought. Still confused why there’s 2 ICs on there that seem to do the same thing, but hey, as long as they do their thing I don’t really care :stuck_out_tongue:



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Yep I understand that bit, I think you are misunderstanding me. Perhaps this will make it more clear:

But really I was just commenting on the fact that there’s 2 ICs that seem to do the same thing. I wasn’t really asking anyone to explain it for me :slight_smile:

Oh lol. I believe 1 is used for over and 1 for under protection

Oh righto, yeah probably. I did vaguely wonder that but the thoughts never continued down that path :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a pretty cool little board. More useful than I thought.

Always in my bag Edit: fixed :wink:

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What is that for? I mean obviously for charging, but what kind of battery would fit in that holder that could be charged by a 1S lipo charger?

18650 bro lol

Oh wow that must be smaller than it looks. I think I mistook the size of it :open_mouth: So does your controller run on 18650s? Or do you plan to charge each of your board’s cells individually in an emergency? :stuck_out_tongue:

When you have more 18650s than you can count, you use them for everything lol

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oh lol, I guess I would as well