How I made my lipo packs slimmer!

I can do a thread on it and credit you. Ive done 3 packs that way already all in varying shapes lol! today im doing another

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I need to do that… Dude just make a video

got an update on this man?

Hahah … I think he has a life lol

LOL yeah I have been on vacation for a few weeks. haven’t done any more work on the board.

I grew some balls and cut down a lipo I had kicking around, here are pics. I used floss and a solvent to slowly separate the glued cells.


This is a great idea. How did you get the goo gone on the glue without it getting everywhere?

22ga catheter and syringe. Just the smooth plastic part, threw needle away.

Any technique for moving the floss through the cells? I really want to do this, but I’m afraid of messing up cells.

Work on a towel and use a stupid amount of goo gone. I’ve seen a few other folks show off final product.

I kinda got the feeling that if I was pulling hard enough to hurt fingers with floss, I was pulling hard enough To mare the cell.

Nice! I like ur balance wiring. I’ve been looking for how to get a 6s plug hooked up. How’d u do it? I still have t found a video on how to get the wires in or out of those plugs.

@Arzamenable nice work! welcome to the club!

@Hummie you just have to push the pins into the plastic…

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Here is the finished product. That red doodad is an antispark. Maybe overkill, but I hate sparks. This will probably power a simple board for my special lady friend.

Thanks again to @lowGuido and @longhairedboy et al. for posting your work.


You’re very welcome!

I hope your lady friend enjoys it. One of these days i’m going to build a kid friendly one with a top end around 10-15mph and a slower acceleration.

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@barajabali, @lowGuido, @longhairedboy or anyone else who’s done this, can you provide a name or link of the solder paste/flux whatever that you like to use? I know @barajabali showed some “solder-it” paste, and linked to some solder wire, that was supposedly much better, but pretty expensive (~$33). I only need to solder the tab that blew when I shorted my battery, but I don’t know anything about this stuff or what’s good, and would like to spend less on the repair than I did on the battery.


So I decided to give it a go. I used rubbing alcohol, since it has a similar affect in break down the glue, and quetips.

There’s absolutely no tears/cuts in the cells, but they don’t look the best. Do you guys think these will be ok, or did I fuck them up? @longhairedboy @Arzamenable

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You could try using some goo gone!

It’s perfectly fine

Probably fine, but it should be almost painfully slow to seperate them

I’m sure many are familiar, but if you aren’t, I thought I’d mention that you can buy single Lipo cells for $7.34usd from hobbyking as an alternative to separating a pack.