How is the focbox failiures holding up?

Hi I’m waiting for my focboxes to arrive, in the meantime I have noticed alot of focbox failiures in FOC mainly in the new vesc-tool which seems to have a bug which the Ackmaniac-tool solved. But how is it now? Is the new firmware for vesc-tool stable or should I downgrade to bldc tool which I am used to and the community also know well.

Plan is Dual focbox in FOC with limit erpm and split ppm. Pre loaded with Ackmaniac 3.1

Feel free to discuss anything related to this and sidetrackes aswell.

There is no ERPM limit in FOC :wink:.

Soft erpm limit? there must be haha @JohnnyMeduse

no there not… Erpm limit is only for BLDC



then I really have to rethink, anyways want to know about the rest of my questions for the sake of the community

You cannot Set a erpm limit in FOC Mode at all or there is no critical erpm number which could burn the drv?

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So I should download the ackamaniac software if I’m doing foc w focbox?

Not Really we have been able to push it up to 130K, without blowing anything.

here it is at 86K


thats my question aswell since no one has made any researched topic of a bug fix

u can set rpm limit with ppm

yeah its called soft limit or something

i found foc without erpm limit triger focbox reset. when it loose traction and spins motor fast short time, it turns off and on. because of this i changed back to bldc

Is the bug on the vesc tool firmware fixed? I’ve been using it for a couple miles with no problems. Also I set my erpm limit in the motor tab to around 37,000 with 20% limit start. This limits my speed to around 20 mph.