How is this board so good!

Hi, sorry for all the posts lately, but I just found this board and for 259.99 dollars it is incredible. Whats the downside?

Regenerative Breaking - charge your battery as you break. Our breaking system is also configured to be smooth, intuitive and safe! Remote and Board Safety - When the remote’s battery is low, only the board’s brakes will work and acceleration is disabled. Smart turn on - The board automatically turns on when the board is pushed (sensed through motor movement) Battery Swappable - Battery Case can open by screwdriver and swap battery in 3 mins. Click for video. Motors - Dual 250 Watts hub motors, powerful and quiet Weight - 6.9kg/15.21pounds Range - 18 Km/11.2 miles

Someone on youtube reviewed this recently. From what i can tell, it looks like knock off cheap hubs (250watt each), low power (10s2p) and i doubt you can climb hills on it. But if you are the weight of a pre teenaged boy and have the courage of one as well, it might be the right board for you. I would stay away from something this cheap, most of the time it is more trouble than it is worth.


Ok. haha. But still isnt dual motors, a vesc, a good remote and a way to charge through a brick more expensive than that?

I guarantee this board won’t last 5 minutes with me… If you wana send me one so I can prove my point, I’m cool with that.

Dual or quad drive with vesc, real hub motors like hummies or carvons, and a battery at least 600 Wh big is what will last more than 5 minutes of my torture.

yes but you cannot compare the powers of a vesc to the esc these guys are selling. Its the difference of Lion-O to Wiley Kat in Thundercat terms. Or Doctor Manhattan and anyone else in Watchmen. I might have gone too far there…

Haha! I thought I made a huge mistake making a board instead of buying this one.

Hahahahaha! Thanks everybody!

I’ve been playing with small hubs like this for over a year and simply put, the stators become saturated and the cooper overheats. The motors either burn up quickly, or they enamel that protects the motor wire from shorting will break down over time.

The people making boards like this simple don’t test their product very well, if at all, in the real world. Either they are naive, or just don’t care about the quality of their product. But they are not going to adequately test their product when they charge so little for said product in the first place.

Seriously?! No dude…

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Thanks for your help!

Around $170 shipping

the guy who makes these is on the forum is @kieraneboard .

You always seem to get what you pay for … although it looks interesting it doesn’t seem to have great hill climbing power. @nikolas you’ve been posting other questions about building your own; although you’ll learn much more on building one, if you’re not sure how to start then a complete e-board would be a better option. just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Motors are reallllly weak… The ESC is not a VESC, looks like the cheap eBay ESC some others were talking about, and the remote looks like the nano which is notorious for dropouts (may be an improved version).

I could see this only being okay for flat ground and low speed, even then not sure if it will break or not…

Anything I can help? Maybe you go to reddit ? I think there are many meepo riders there who shared their oppinion.

this review maybe reliable?