How is your soldering setup?

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share my soldering setup with you. It is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. The one thing I like about it, is that it is mobile. Everything is glued to a peace of MDF which makes it possible to put the whole setup on a shelf and free up the work bench in 5 seconds! If you are like me, and tend to leave a big mess on your work surface - and thereafter forgetting to clean it up afterwards. Therefore I was imagining that this setup might make the cleaning process a bit less of a struggle… I guess I will have to see if I succeeded…

I was thinking that it would be nice to see each others setup to get some inspiration. I imagine that some of you have some tricks up your sleeve you could be sharing? Any ways, I have now shown me mine - now I would like you to show me yours!


That’s a great setup. Better then my cheap soldering iron and asking my brother to be the helping hands.


Haha! I’ve been their too! :smiley: I feel for your brother though! He must get some burns once a while?

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I give him some oven gloves he also works as a fan.:grin:


Haha, thats nice! I guess you shouldn’t be complaining! :smiley:

Good soldering equipment is a must in this hobby.

I use this for the heavy stuff:

And this for the small stuff: I’ve had this one for many years. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

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I have that exact fume extractor lol where did you get the carbon mesh for it?

So I still haven’t figured out why I ruin solder tips. Granted usually the cheap ones. But even this Weller tip I have right now shows signs of wear even after cleaning.

How do you clean it and are you setting it to the hottest temps.

This one is a 40w. One setting. With sponge. How long should I expect tips to last

That is some nice equipment you’ve got! 200/300a seems a bit overkill no? I am using a 100w iron for my XT90 connectors and big gauge wires, and it seems to be too powerful at times… You must be in and out in a milisecond? :smiley:

I have bought spares from eBay :slight_smile: Link:

Hmm, what do you mean by ruining? If you have problems with the solder tip not sticking to the solder, you need to clean the tip. Sometimes a sponge is not enough. You also have to grind of old debris with some “solder wire”, link:

I’ve just bought a hakko😎

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Nice! Which model?

hakko fx-888d, got it from Amazon

Just googled it. It looks pretty nice. I might acutally buy that! Have you tried it yet?

I haven’t, it’s still in the post. I ordered from Amazon US and I live in the UK so it takes 2 weeks to be shipped but I know it’s from a genuine dealer. And it’s also cheaper since it costs me £98 inc shipping and taxes (prepaid)

It’s meant to be the best iron in its price bracket

Nice! Please let me know how it works out. I hope its powerful enough for soldering XT90 connectors and such

100% it will, check it out on YouTube

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