How large is the electric skateboard market? Is it growing?

Hey everyone, any suggestions on where I can find this information? Projections would be great as well.

Also, for those with prebuilts, how many boards do you own? How often do you switch?

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I own one prebuilt and one DIY rn (I tend to sell and buy new boards fairly often) and although the DIY isn’t finished i see it as more of a specialty board. I have an Evolve GT that is my main board and the DIY is specifically crafted for power sliding so they both have their moments but for normal daily stuff its gonna be the prebuilt. And for stats on the Esk8 market I don’t foresee much being out there although im sure with a bit of research of your own you could find something

You’d be lucky to gain access to these kinds of reports investors look at from a market research group. By estimates, it’s a niche base market similar to skateboards with a demographic for the 30-year-old and younger.

We don’t need any more Meepo clones.


I foresee people moving to better and better quality boards over time as they get into the sport and realize most prebuilts are underpowered and are not comformtable over 25+mph. Niche market, but it is only growing in my opinion. Just like mountain bikes for example. People get into something and drop 2-3k on a good bike when they can appreciate what it does.