How long does a charge last on Nano-X?

I’m just wondering how long a single charge on the nano-x remote lasts? How long do I charge it for? And how can I tell if it’s running low on charge? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I’ve yet to run mine low on a full ride on a raptor one. I usually charge it when I charge the board and it charges much faster than the board does using a fast charger on the board. I think the longest it’s taken is about 10 maybe 15 minutes.

Is there any way you can tell it’s fully charged? Or do you just guess :wink:

When you’re charging the light is red. When its done the light turns off. That’s the only way I know of.

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Okay thanks for the help :+1:

I’m not sure on the life but would like to know. it’s at least 2 hours. It’s a 400mah 1 cell battery on the inside. It took about 280mah to charge it when I got it. I’ll have to check to see how much it takes to charge it after a full ride.

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