How long does your vesc last?

My vesc is coming in next week and I thought it would really help the community if everyone could see how long they can get out of their vesc.

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Depends on how you use/maintained it, it could be FOREVER!!

@willpark16 it would be highly depending on the manufacturing quality of the vendor you acquire it from, and like @NIK notes, the application. I’ve had mine for about 130 miles and no problems so far.

mine lasted three weeks and blew the DRV, and i noticed some of the caps were loose as well. I’ve got an order in still with Enertion for 5 of them and ordered 2 from Ollin to fix my personal 10S rig, and three more for two other builds i’m doing, one is a dual 12S 6355 and one is a single 10S 6372.

I’ll report back on the Enertion ones from this new batch that depleted the world of mosfets as well as the Ollin ones if any of them blow up. I suspect a lot of the issues with the Enertion VESCs have been worked out and we shouldn’t see the same kinds of immediate failure if we see any immediate failures at all.

Haha this is true @NIK but tests and real world applications often show different results.

I’m riding the first 2 VESCs from Vedders own batch for one year (since end of May 15) now and never had any issues with them. Also I constantly upgraded them up to 2.16 and I use them almost daily, in FOC mode.

about how many miles?

Difficult to guess, but definitely more than 2000km.

I’ve ridden my Chaka VESC for god knows how many miles… I think I bought it back in like October or something.

just a couple days ago it had its first problem, and is on its way back to chaka for repair-

moral of the story: If you buy from Chaka, it WILL last forever

I’ve got some HW4.7 from my first batch that had the wrong capacitors and they still work… never updated firmware… no idea how it’s possible.

I’ve got some that didn’t make it off the bench into my board, mostly because of user error.

I’ve got some that failed during testing of different motor settings & experimental stuff… I suppose you call that user error also.

in general, if they work for the first few weeks and you don’t mess around with the settings much & don’t touch them & they haven’t failed they tend to keep working…

I am currently working on a new warranty package that guarantees you will have a working vesc for at least 12 months… basically if it fails prematurely (due to no fault of your own) you get a replacement sent out free of charge.

VESCs aren’t cheap, they better last long. For the amount that we pay for these, I expect them to last for over 2 years.