How long has it been since you inspected/did maintenance on your e-sk8?

Just a fun question! How many miles/km has it been since you last tightened/loosened a screw/opened your enclosures on your e-board? Basically how many miles/km has it been since you last got the tools out to either maintain or inspect the functioning of your e-board. (Excluding taking your cover off for charging if your board requires it). Only DIY boards please.

I’ll get the ball rolling:

5 km ago (earlier today), to tighten a loose motor mount screw.

Very curious to hear from all of you

I check mine out (wheels, bearings, belts, enclosure, electronics, batteries, etc.) every week. It only takes about 10 mins at this point.

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Yesterday :eyes::+1::sunglasses:


@mmaner @Namasaki What sorta mileage are you guys giving it in between checks?

I have got my Lipo board to the point where I don’t really check it. Just charge the battery and ride. I have had it for about 8 months and have never changed a belt, tightened a bolt, or greased a bearing. I made sure that when I did it, i did it right. Was about a 5 month build.

That’s hard to say, depending other things (work, kids, etc.) I might ride 5 or 50 miles in a week. I just like to keep an eye on things that can go BOOM! :slight_smile:

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I check before OR after each ride, but just by wiggling the wheels and motor with my hands to make sure nothing is loose

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Honestly My main board never gets inspections anymore. It just works, haven’t had to do anything to it in months

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Last time I made it really far before needing maintenance… 1.5 blocks!


always check before you ride…no exceptions!

Some boards need a few adjustments in the beginning…but should settle in to a point where nothing is moving around and really all you need to do is check the belts and make sure the wheels spin free… i havent had to change a belt in a year


At least 100 Km, but i have a bad bearing in my motor that i’m to lazy to replace since it’s a pain to remove, the replacements are in my desk staring at me for more than a month :grin:

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I usually wipe down and quickly look over my board after each ride. Most of the time its nothing but a clean. But sometimes there is a nut or bolt that is coming loose. Its always good to check, remember your life is at stake here.

I found with my first board when i put it together i would do a short ride and lose a nut or something thats when I learnt the NUMBER ONE RULE of e-skate! Locktite EVERYTHING. From then on I would go 800km without service. Thats about how long until a belt snapped.


@lowGuido that seems to be my main problem also… For me, even high strength Loctite doesn’t always do it. Rethreading some of my holes today to hopefully improve things…

I feel! Things are pretty slow for me right now too… Constant problems, but hopefully they’ll iron themselves out:)

If you keep having problems, use 648 loctite :wink: It´s like welding and you have to post some pictures and call me if something is still moving after that! :monkey:

Once a day for belt tension and kingpin nuts.

Once a week for an overall inspection.

I was riding one time back home from work, noticed the front was a bit too easy to turn but no problem, got home and had a look and the roadside nut was literally half off the bolt. Would not have been fun had it fell off when riding at 40kmh so I inspect it every day along with belt tension. ( Bought Loctite that afternoon :confused: )

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Minor service once a month. Check bearing, wheel, battery connector, wire, truck, and all the screw. Around two months will check vesc conection and motor connection. Every week will do some cleaning on weekend. I love my board

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I’ve used strong locklite and haven’t found any loose screw…almost a year that I start with my board…some bearing cleaning every month, and check mount and belt integrity…happens that I put a GoPro filming gear system and found that the belt was “jumping”…a little stone got in the belt and I haven’t noticed…what I’m looking to do is a deep motor maintance…does anybody can give some tips to open and proper clean a motor…mine is a torqueboard :wink:

Just remove the pulley, remove the circlip and pull the can, just be cautious to not get your finger caught, the magnets hold the motor with a lot of force

I’ll do. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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