How long will my batteries last?

I want to use two of these batteries and was wondering if anyone could guess how long they would last going on relatively flat terrain with a 170 pound person on it. Thanks

You forgot to mention what batteries


Sorry about that

2 of those batteries in series for 6s should get you 5 miles. Maybe a little more on flat ground with no wind and moderate speed. You would do much better with these


Thanks! Do you know How much moretwo of those give me and how much more will they weigh?

They should get you 10 miles. They will have less voltage sag than the other The weight of each is in the specs on The links posted.

I had experience with those 5000mah 3s ones. You are completely right about them having a 5 miles range. Top speed is about 19mph, but if you full throttle it, you go about 3 miles, because of that voltage sag as you said. :slight_smile:

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I have those batteries but 30C (not that it should matter) 260kv motor 36:15 tooth (I believe) Enertion pulleys 90mm ABEC Clones 150 lbs

Max Speed: 26 MPH Max distance: 7 Miles

On the contrary, C-Rating matters a lot. More C rating= less sag= more range and more power. Also the rider’s weight matters a lot. 20 lbs makes a big difference

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Not to be a pain, but it really does matter!

your C rating equals discharge current capacity in amps. high draw of amps as a percentage/fraction of the total amp delivery capacity = voltage sag. So “over-spec’ing” your battery to be able to provide ample/excessive amps benefits you w/ less voltage sag when riding hard (high draw like heavy acceleration or hills). high sag = heat. heat is wasted energy not going to your motor = less miles.

as i understand it - not an EE…


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Really? I never knew that… Is that because there is less internal resistance in the batteries? Becasue 20c is already 100A of continuous current which is well over what a VESC can handle

Think of the C rating as more of a relative comparison between Lipos. And not as an actual measurement of current capability because the C ratings are likely somewhat exaggerated.

So they are all 5000 mah and 3S… So why would range or speed be different? From a mathematical analysis they would only have an impact if internal resistance is different. At least that’s my understanding. If it helps the average internal resistance of one cell in my lipos is 3 mΩ

The higher C rated Lipos sag less. That is what increased their range and power. Best to get Lipos with the highest C rating you can find.

Ah. ICIC. Just for learning do you have any idea why they sag less?

Hello, i am building my first build. here are the parts: turningy aerodrive sk3 6374 149kv 3 zippy 5000mah 3s 45c batteries xcar beast 120amp esc 2.4ghz remote i have all the connectors and mounts/pullys How fast should i go and how far will i go?

It all depends…

  1. on your wheel size
  2. on your transmision gear 3.your weight all variants… search for an eskate calculator on forum or google

i weight 100 pounds and the wheel size is 83mm and 12t for motor pulley and 36t on wheel pulley

But: the simple answer is; not fast or far enough :wink:

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is there anyway to increse the speed and range because i am on a budget