How long will my batteries last?

yes loose weight… don’t eat food for a month! you will go faster further :joy:

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please this is my first build an i am 12 years old i am skinny as heck

i am on a budget of like 320$

be the bunny bro! be the bunny.

you need to skate on one foot and hop in the air 50% of the time… you will go 50% further because your board is only carrying you half the time :grin: true story :wink:

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please dude i need to find what parts i need

seriously… you have only read a couple hundred posts for 2 hours read time, it likely does not mater what I say: you need to search and read more

Yea just read a bit more, if your looking for a solid mount on a budget…

You say here 3 x 3s zippys. That’s 9 s if you connect them in series and your esc will be 6s? Am I getting the wrong end of the stick here?

sorry i meant 2 of them lol

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