How many 18650 for an esk8

Hello everyone, I’m planning to build some electric longboards with friends, but I don’t know how many batteries to buy for each one We will use a SK3 - 6374-192kv as a motor with vesc homemade, a 60V 12S 60A BMS and LG HG2 (3000mA - 20A)

We are looking to build a 10s battery but how many parallel batteries should I place to be getting a powerful​ skateboard without getting something extremely expensive ?

Thanks you for your help and all your interesting subjects on this forum

Always use a matching BMS. If you plan to build a 10S pack you should use a 10S BMS

Okay I’ll​ check for this !

Bestech and sell the most common used BMSs. You can also search eBay for cheaper ones

The 10S will give you the power. The more cells you put in parrallel the more you will extend your range. There are some Esk8 calculators that can give you an approximate range and speed depending on your configuration. If it’s a long board 4P should already get you quite far.

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@Davey This one will be enough ?

@jga But if my battery can only deliver 60A with a 10S3P, to be cheaper, the motor witch is a 80A will be powered without destroying the battery by taking more amps than what could be delivered by the battery pack

The VESC once configured should ensure the regulation between the battery and the motor. I am not a battery specialist but from what I have read on the forum you should be fine with 60A. I doubt you will pull that amount on a constant basis, probably closer to 40.

Thanks you so much ! This will decrease my price !

You could also go with 12S.

With this you could regulate your current problem.

This would also allow you to use your current BMS, but many have had problems with 12S

I don’t get the BMS yet so I can buy an other for this