How many amps are you REALLY drawing, such as telemetry readout of amps?

I know everyone builds with bragging rights, as far as claims go. But in the real world, are you actually drawing those amps on the regular? And so, generally speaking, what kind of amps are used in regular fast transportation. Like at say twenty- 25, which on a big board is stable and comfortable, what kind of amps sustain 20-25 mph?

Just wondering what actual hit are batteries taking. And living with.

And say whether you have tires, or urethanes.


69A :stuck_out_tongue:

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I run 34 my other runs 35. Ariana grande is fucking hot.

I typically stay around 29A to 35A battery max for all motors combined, which is typically 1 but sometimes 2.

But I personally strongly prefer skating over repairing broken boards.

I’m 100kg / 220lb for reference

“motor max” I turn all the way up

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