How many Bat. Amps and Mot. Amps can the FSESC 6.6 handle

If you have it, could you share your settings maybe?


Yes please i would like to know as well I orderd the dual 6.6. Wondering what it can run :slight_smile: Gr

I believe the programming allows 150 motor or battery amps

Would you be referring to the dual 6.6 or single? I’m looking for settings for the single but not sure if they should differ much

The specs say 60a continuous and 150a burst but thats all

mine is the single, running 6355, 10s3p samsung 30q

motor max/min: 60/-60 battery max/min: 45/-12


How has that been working out so far?

So far so good. No errors and no cut outs.

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60 batt 80 motor. During testing I managed to push it over 30 batt 70 motor. Running 4 6s lipo packs wired as 2 12s packs running through 2 100 amps switch in parallel into a 6.6 dual… Been a month now, daily rider to work and occasional running stupid on empty roads at night 37mph is top atm with plenty more to go. Still running without a hitch minus stupid voltage reading. I need to really find a hill to stress test the build.


@lxf What is the 100 amp switch your using to jump each pack to make the big pack is it a 12s2pack…is it two 12s1 parrel wired to another pack for a 12s2 p configuration

Its a switch made and sold by a forum member… I’ll have to dig up the name. Wiring looks like this… the anti spark are wired to 1 push button. image

This is what I’m exactly looking for right now so I don’t have a ugly loop key for my two 6s2p for charging must remove and then plug back in to make a 12s2p for discharge set up… basically the simular to your set up but with 4x3s2p smc racing lipo packs…if you could find out where I can find that switch from the form member would be sweet or take a pic of yours so I can see what it is then I should be fine with figuring it out… this would be amazing to be able to switch it from 6s to 12s without fighting with bullets or big ol yellow xt90 hanging out the side so gross…cheers and thank you big time

not sure I follow you… I don’t have a loop Key but I unplug my lipos to charge. If you aren’t running high amp one switch is enough you don’t need to do what I am doing

Ok so I have huge amp power smc premium racing batterys 90c 150 burst x4 there is alot of power here over kill id say…but i ll be running 100 amp to my motors weather it uses it or not… but I am running 3s2p x 2 wired into a 6s2p so two of them to make 12s2p…i disconnect the loop key for charging the two 6s2p packs with a hobby charger then I have a loop key to change it to 12s2p for discharge will this switch work for me to trigger the 6s to 12s instead of having this ugly loopkey…that’s what I’m trying to figure out if your switch set up will work for my set up …sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help Cheers

im running FSESC 6.6 single and I constantly push 40 A from the battery through it (and reach ~65 motor amps), besides not being in circulation with fresh air (in 3d printed case- insulated) and constantly reaching 85C temp limit, it works like a champ. No regrets