How many cells for battery?

I’m going to be building a new battery planning on using LG HG2. I currently have a 9s4p pack for some random 18650’s I had around. I feel like 12s is a lot but it’d be a nice round number. I hooked up some old li-po batteries and made a 12s today and holy crap I was going balls to the wall at 1/2 throttle. Although there were some surges but I suspect that has to do with something else along my power lines. Anywho I have 3 chargers 2x for 6s and 1x for 10s. So I can build 2x 6s packs and pair them up for riding and separate them for charging no prob. But what if I was to make one 6s and one 5s? Would there be any problem hooking them up to form a 11s? Any help with these odd questions are appreciated.

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So I’ve decided to go with 11s4p li-ion batteries. Mainly because I have a 11s 5000mAh li-po due to one cell going out on one of the packs. This way I can change between a li-po and li-ion if they are both the same voltage. I know I am looking at serious range between the 2 packs if I take both on a trip but my work commute is 8 miles each way and I don’t really like to charge it there. Or if I wanted to wander somewhere long distance. I dono. Well I know 4.2 vs 4.1 but I figure if I set the VESC battery cutoff at 33v then it’ll be safe to use both of them. Unless there is something I’m missing and pleas help before I blow up a battery :joy: