How many drone people here?

How many folks here are into drones / quadcopters etc etc? In any form - FPV / photography / racing etc etc - whatever.

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I love my drone. I like making beautiful videos with it :smiley:

This one even has footage of my esk8 in action :stuck_out_tongue:


DJI P3A owner here. Also a vortex 285 racing drone.

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I have a Hobbywing Form 500, it has a 2.2lb load capacity. I’m relatively new to drones tho.

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I’ve been flying for 2-3 years now. Have a Phantom 4, QAV250, QAV180, and QAV-X.

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I loved making this I think it topped out at like 64 mph followed by an immediate stop it to some trees


I was so happy with this thread, than I realize it was form DRONE not DRUNK, sorry guy… Keep the good work


*multirotor :wink: I’ve designed a few frames and built a few.

I built an entire tricopter before from frame up, then I couldn’t program the kk2 board and gave it up

So sad


Sometimes the tail servo corrects in the opposite direction and some setting needs to be reversed. Try a naze32 or kissFC. A lot has changed since the days of the kk2 and multiwii.

nice videos man.

Best board to use imo is the cc3d very user friendly interface and pretty compact

Eh, its nice but it’s pretty outdated and the Openpilot gcs devs stopped working on it. You can flash librepilot or clean flight though…

There are some boards with integrated PDB and VTX now.

I’m glad you like it! :smiley:

Hmm yea I knew openpilot didn’t work I used librepilot yea I had to flash the card but wasn’t to bad

I’ve built a XuGong Pro v2. Flies great and does good videos.
But I’m missing some form of follow me mode and don’t fly it too often.

I used to be into fpv. Here is one of my videos.


I have TBS discovery,hexacopter tarot and few racing drones and lost few.


This is my first tricopter using KK2 board a while ago :thumbsup: