How many Esk8 - Websites you know?

Hi! Im asking this question since I know there are more than a couple sites around… though, who has really seen them all in one place?

What I mean with this is… that basically I know about:



Which seem to be a great site about many important esk8 related topics.

I also know about this site:


Which greatly hold this list of different esk8 part shops:


Though maybe some more should be added by now but still useful non the less.

Also worth mentioning is:


Offers good tips on some hacks / remote improvement + other things

Maybe @danile himself can spread some more info what made him share his project and write other useful articles there :wink:

So yes, if u got more links to add, please share :wink:

I do know there are a few youtube esk8 channels… though not entirely sure whenever they should be added / shared, but if u have a good one, share that one also :wink:

I guess there are a few more which also focus on prebuilt/commercial boards … but I guess in this case both of these work, just indicate, whenever it is for prebuilts or more diy esk8 related site.

Forgot about this site also:

Good selection of pre-made boards + lots of other useful info


Hah i guess im beating a dead horse here… though hard to keep track of all the useful esk8 resources, especially when u need to share them to new builders, who are just starting out

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