How many layers of Bondo Fiberglass Cloth?

Hi everyone, I am currently fiberglassing an enclosure with Bondo Fiberglass Cloth

Has anyone had experience with this fiberglass cloth? If so, how many layers did you need to create sufficient rigidity?



You’re going to need more than that unless you’re doing a patch job. But I’ve read here that 7-10 good layers is a start. Really depends on how flexy you want the deck. I don’t exactly remember the thread but do some searching for fiberglass enclosures and you can a better idea of what you need to do. @eboosted does his own enclosures. Might could ask him for assistance.

The thin ‘e-glass’ style stuff like that is primarily used for a cosmetic layer right under the gel-coat or epoxy exterior layer. You want a heavier layup for strength and for layer height. It will take a ton of these to get a decent thickness. I’d recommend a 8 to 12oz biaxial s-glass cloth.

Oh my! what a topic. I’m all tooo familiar with using Bondo for making a box. ITs EXTREMELY effective. ITs also foul and terrible. but its cheap! and readily available. Just wear a mask stuffed with plague victims so it will smell better.

seriously though… 3 to 4 layers.

and experiment with the hardener first. You don’t want to get caught running out of time wetting fabric into a difficult angle.


i thinkk our boy is shopping the bottom shelf at walmart. He specifically mentioned bondo. The fabric for that stuff is simple low density cross weave but stacked up 3 or four layers thick will yeild a decently strong box. I used them for several months at a time before they started cracking at the bolt holes.

Hey man,

Ya I did 4 layers! ill post picks in a bit… Seems sturdy now, just drying. Ill keep everyone updated!

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Bondo? Find a fibreglass shop. Tell them what you want to make and they will sell you what you need.