How many people here have access to or own their own a CNC?


Just an FYI the OpenBuilds parts store is having a Black Friday sale on their CBeam machines (kit). 20% off and it is on sale to start with. About $400 for the mechanical kit, pretty good price for a solid machine, I’ll be picking on up (most likely).

The Cbeam is a pretty cool little machine! I like the fixed gantry style with only 1 linear actuator under the bed. Not the most space efficient, but pretty rigid.

I can print you some printer parts in exchange for some cnc parts :sunglasses:

my plan was always to print myself a new printer… reprap life!

While this may be slightly off topic, would anyone with a CNC machine be interested in making a pair of longer caliber style hangers, say 260mm wide (plus axles)???

That is significantly more involved (read: costly) that making something simple like a motor mount. You’d have to charge hundreds of dollars for a one-off like that. Plus, the Caliber shape would be difficult to mill and really has no benefit over a simpler geometry (other than the fact you may already have a mount for it. )

So in conclusion… I have a CNC, but you can count me out :smile:

I second this, you “need” a 5 Axis Vmc to machine something like this which i doubt anyone will take out of commission for a few hours to machine a pair of trucks. Also, you need the truck blanks with the stainless hanger core, im not sure where you can even get that.

The easiest option would be to design around existing skateboard axles. Many CNC trucks use stainless steel or titanium screw-in axles. Aera, Surf-Rodz, PNL, Fyre, just to name a few

Good news is you can buy the axles separately:

I built a CNC over the summer. I used it to cut out some molds for enclosures over the weekend.

I don’t have the right bits for aluminum yet but I plan on it someday.

Could you share speed settings, bits, and cooling (if any) that you use to cut aluminum. I have an X-Carve as well, mostly use it to cut drone frames I design. I tried to cut aluminum, but my bit keeps getting clogged and the end result is terrible. Thank you!

Use 2 flute upcut spiral carbide end mills. The rule of thumb with the x-carve and aluminium is go fast and shallow. I use between 0.1mm and 0.25mm depth of cut and between 1500mm/m and 2500mm/m. You can use coolant if you want, but i find i get chips sticking to the workpiece a lot more with mist coolant.

Well, there is my problem. I was trying to go slow and deep! It works well for me for CF, I usually do .7mm @ 500mm/m. I’ll give it another shot. Thanks!

If you go deep and slow, you’re just rubbing your endmill against the workpiece, this creates heat, work hardens the aluminium and gums up the cutter. Idealy you want to keep your cutter engaged to its optimal chipload, but lower the depth so that the x-carve doesn’t get overpowered.

As @chinzw said speed is the trick and get good end mill I get them form here

Try to have your machine be as square as posible and stiffening the X and Y axis helps a lot. Fo not use any cooland get a dust boot and a shopvac to remove the chips.

I run my own CNC machine shop. I have one large vertical mill and I recently purchased a 5 axis mill. I’ve had a lot of interest in electric skateboards (don’t own one yet) but this year is the year I will either buy one or make one. I’d love to help out the community anyway I can. I’ve always thought about making my own truck on the 5 axis as a single piece.


@Gujustud 5 axis?! Man that’s my dream. I’ve built my own 3 axis mill about a year ago. I am in school right now that have thought about building a small 5 axis CNC as my senior project. What software do you use for your 5 axis mill?

MPCNC in the making.

Description etc:


how much will it cost to build ? Does it cut aluminum? I have a 3d printer and saw this somwhere along the way…

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got a stepcraft cnc router. it has a large bed, but as all routers its best for softer materials like wood or plastic. metal is possible but slow:

What size machines do you all use? @Kaly @evoheyax @longhairedboy @chinzw @cmatson @Kaden56 @x0054

Im using a 500mmx500mm cnc router