How many wattHours per mile are you guys getting?

I have 2x 5s 5000mah 25c zippy lipos in series and I average 12.15 wh/mi

This is in a very hilly city and I like to gun it alot.

Curious what other people are getting

18 Wh/mi = 11.2 Wh/km low-end to 35 Wh/mi = 21.8 Wh/km high-end

I’m fat and like to be full-acceleration or full braking :slight_smile:

I am getting, on average, 8-9 Wh per km —> about 13,5 Wh per mile.

Single motor 6355 190kv, 10s3p.

12-18wh/mi… group rides 23wh/mi… Average 30wh/mi… Faster riding or hills On the heavier side

damn yall getting way more than me. guess hills really kill range

You have a really good Wh/mi ratio if that’s on hills and fast speeds

I´m about 100 kg geared up and doing about 15Wh/km average on my 6355 dual tesseract 20Wh/km going up and down some hills and 6Wh/km when riding with the wifey :slight_smile:

There are a lot of interesting responses in this thread.

lol couldn’t find that in search. thanks

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I would say around 12-25 per km depending on how i ride

Last ride to the grocery store and back I was 20 Wh/mile. Never clocked it when out joyriding, although it’d be interesting to see since there’s really steep hills