How many Watts & Amps in 4x 5000mah 11.1V Lipos hooked in series?

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I just read again through your post. Don’t understand right what’s your problem in the end. The batteries you chose for sure able to handle the 60a the focbox can handle. Doesn’t matter if you run 12s or 6s. The weak point in this case is your focbox. If you planed to order the 190kV Motor, than stay with it. 12s 190kv should give you a good speed. Just don’t forget to set your max battery current to 50a (60a should be fine too if airflow is good around your focbox) and your max erpm to ±60 000

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so 12s 44.4V would be more speed and 6s2p would me less speed but longer range?

One additional explanation as I think you got it wrong. Your batteries just give what your focbox and your comand by the remote ask for. So let’s say your max current of your focbox is 60a and you pull your trigger on the remote and go up a hill with your 130kg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:(just for example…don’t know your weight) your batteries will need to deliver 60a.

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im 65kg hahahaha

It depends on your motor kV, the gearing and the wheel diameter. You can calculate everything here:{“batt-type-lipo”:0,“batt-cells”:12,“motor-kv”:170,“system-efficiency”:85,“motor-pulley-teeth”:9,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:40,“wheel-size”:200}|

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ok so when its 12s top speed is about 40mph and 6s is 20mph is this true?

If you used the calculator which I linked you than yes. Just make sure you looked the weighted speed. For my set up it was pretty close to the real values. If you run single motor it can be that you need a bit longer to reach top speed, but in general it’s really good template

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I will try both setups and see whats better long range but slower or faster but short range, Cuz I made the connectors for both setups of 12s and 6s2p

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Which range you wanna have?

idk how far can the batteries i got go?

Depends on your ride stil. If I remember right than I had about 11wh per km for one motor on dual, so 22wh per km. You have 12*4,2=50,4 *5ah =252wh So about 12km with dual motors and flat area. In your case could be a bit more as it is only single motor

and what if i run the 6s2p will that be like 24km?

There shouldn’t be so much difference. It’s still the same energy stored in your batteries. But I think it’s analog to a car. To drive 200km/h will bring you not the same way like you drive 80km/h but also not the double. I think it will be not more then 2km more. If you ride economic with 12s it can even bring you the same.

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gonna have to make an eco switch ahahahahaa. Thanks for your help Andy, thanks a lot.

Welcome! If you interested in your data I can just recommend you to get a Bluetooth module. You can get them very cheap like 2€ on AliExpress and there are some good apps with which you can record your rides. It will show you directly which is the best set up for your needs.

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Good to know, I might give it a try. thanks!

I run 5ah 60C Lipos. They are adequate for a street board. Voltage sag is only about 1/2 v off total pack voltage when accelerating on flat ground. For a mountain board or a street board with larger than 90mm wheels, I would try to get some 90C or higher.

You want to have as much headroom as possible to reduce voltage sag and battery heat.

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I‘m looking for some lipos for my next mountain board at the moment. Can you recommend a brand or shop which also ship internationally?

I would try the SMC Lipos There is a link posted earlier in the thread. I think they go up to 150C