How many watts u pull while accelerating / cruising?

Gotcha yah I’m just used to seeing smoother correspondence between the amperage and velocity so think that data is hard to trust when it shows weirdness like that. Appears as though you bombed down something, gaining velocity without using charge and then just a short spike of amps at the end :thinking:

Hard to continue spiking amps when you let off the throttle. I have multiple pulls with similar data. Doesn’t take long to reach to speed like that anyways

My max battery amps I’ve seen on my dual 13s, is 43A/ESC, at around 46V. Which is about 2000W per motor.

My battery amperage isn’t very high due to my weight, and even lower the higher the charge. But my board also has no problem putting out 117A to the motors at low duty cycle. 2000W per esc on hard acceleration is pretty much all I can make it draw - even though the total output of my battery is ~5400 watts, I have never seen the board use the last 1400 available with me on it. I have seen it be used on a 200lb friend of mine. I just don’t have the mass to require the watts…

Yeah the part with the spike and just before it makes sense just looks like it’s dropping out some of the earlier acceleration you were doing. Surprised to see that much dip in voltage but suppose when you’re pulling that many amps it is going to dip more significantly too.

Wait what, how the hell can you max more motor Watts than Battery Watts ? BTW I’m pretty much same weight than you so this gives me an idea of how much peak watts I might be drawing.

Yeah, if you split the voltage drop and compare it to discharge graphs it’s pretty close to normal.

Somewhere on this forum is some maths explaining phase current draw compared to battery current. Has to do with duty cycle. I just know you can pull more phase amps at low duty cycle because of it.

I assumed that the ESC converts into more phase amps and less voltage depending on duty cycle (which is why people complained about no 100% duty cycle on previous VESC because it “lowered” a tiny bit the top speed), and the highest the duty cycle, the closest the phase amps and motor voltage from battery amps and voltage ?