How much A for a two motor setup (10s8p)

Very flat means one layer 40 batteries 2 wide is almost 73cm in batteries alone. Single stacked

No I make it totalelly flat, maybe a 18mm or 21mm thinkness

No sorry I mean two lines of cells next to each other

If you are still doing 10s8p that’s 80 batteries. If you do two cell across and 40 cells down that’s a single layer 73cm long

No, sorry I cant explain it good, on the 40cm (22 cells) cell layer will be another cell layer with a lenght of 33cm (18cells) and all this will be two times next to each other. So I will have a flat but big battery pack.

2 layers of cells is closer to 36mm rather than 18 - 21mm

The 18 or 21 mm are the board wood thickness

Just measure it out on paper and put it on your board to help with layout.

Yes I will make an exact plan, as soon as I’m done I will show it

Motor max amp doesn’t mean motor continuous amp. Your motor max or vesc max draw is 50 amp, but if you check vesc log, normally you will only draw 2 - 3 amp with 1 sec of 30A++ during startup or sudden jolt of speed. If you draw continuous 50A, you have something wrong.

I would use much less KV, because more KV less Torque! 130 or 170KV ist besser und mehr Drehmoment.

Okay I will use the 190kv model Danke!

Okay and how much amps would be perfect?

If you can get a battery that will discharge 80a or more that is perfect. That way you can setup each Vesc to 35-40a each and still be under your total pack current.

Good Luck👍

Why the resistance in adopting the 35E ? Everybody jumps inmmediately when we mention the 35E. Your stats showed they were the thing to follow…but noooo… the still believe 30Q are much better. Then?

It depends on the battery size. For most people using something like 3p or 4p, 30q potentially makes more sense due the the higher current output and lower sag at >10A per cell. For larger packs like this there a better cells

I found some cells with a discharge of 10A. With a 10s8p I will have 80A, I think this is enought

Should be plenty. What cells you looking at?

The Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh 10A, do you think they are good enought?

That’s the same model cell that I linked before. They should be really solid cells from the reviews I’ve seen. I’m using around 100 of them in my MTB I’m working on atm