How much are you willing to spend on an electric skateboard (DIY or premade)? {POLL}

Straight forward question, I know there’s a lot of builders working on tight budgets, and there’s some who don’t care about the cost, just the performance and/or looks. Where do you fall?

  • $499 or less
  • $500 - $799
  • $800 - $1199
  • $1200 - $1799
  • $1800+

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My budget was 600 but I ended up spending 1400 lol.


I think we all end up spending more than we anticipate (its easy to forget the cost of things like screws, bearings, wires, connectors, ect. which can add up).

But what I’m more interested in is how much will you pay before you say, no more, this is enough money, and I will ride what I have?


I’m also interested in what is most important factor in building (or buying a premade)?

  • Aesthetics
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
  • Board Feel

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My budget was based on how much the best of the main parts (Motor, VESC, Mounts, Batteries (LiPo’s), Remote, Trucks/Wheels) would cost me. That was around $500.

After buying those I added $100 for extra’s like connectors, tools, enclosure, voltage displays. So at $650 my board was ridable at speeds I liked and my battery life helds up for the distance I want to travel. So yeah $650 was perfect for me.

I will keep adding on to the build (Space Cell, Vaccum Enclosure) in the future as I save money. That is my current plan.

Reliability, user serviceability, spare parts and resale value would allow prices to go up quite a bit if people feel comfortable financing their board because its reliable transportation.

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Where is the reliability option?

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Yeah I also spent about $600 including the board

Where is the long range option?

ok @smurf and @Mobutusan

Unfortunately, I can’t edit the poll after the first 5 minutes. But anyone else have any other requests? I would like to do another poll again in the near future including these options, as they are both good points.

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Size (Easy taking it on a train for example)

if you are aiming for a DIY you can do it under 400 € if you already have a good LiPo Charger… I wanted to invest about 600€ ended up with only 380€ and damn it feel awesome to ride that thing :smile: I do not have the best torque but the ride feels awesome and 32.5km/h is enough for me. I am getting around 15-16 km range… so if it is possible to pay let’s say under 500€ why pay more than 1000€ for an already built one ?

All of the above :heavy_check_mark:

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