How much capacity do I need for a hybrid build?

I’ve been trying to find the answer to this fo quite some time now, but i couldn’t seem to find anything. How much capacity do I actually need? I don’t want to overpay for too much capacity, but i also don’t want to have too little range. I wnat my range to be at least 15 km, I weight 72kg and I’ll be using dual Turnigy sk8 6374 193kv motors.

What wheels?

Bergmeister from haggy (150mm pneumatics)

Noice choice

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Yeah, they look really awsome.

So it will be at least 20wh/km. 20x15=300wh. 3.7v x 3ah x 10S x 3P = 333wh , that’s for 30Q cells


I wouldn’t be to sure about that as the nominal highest on 18650s I’ve personally seen is 3.65

E: Im gonna eat my hat.

It actually does say 3.6 on the top 3 websites from google, but I know I’ve seen 3.7 when on other forums (drones, a few times on endless sphere)

So i need at least a 300wh battery?

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3.7 for lipos I just checked Q30s are 3.6 (nominal)

but maybe 3.7 is somehow used to get the wh’s???

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edited my post a second before you replied :stuck_out_tongue:

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So at least you need 10s3p 30Q pack. That’s li-ion. Or at least 300wh lipo

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3p would sag In my head I like to calculate effective range and anything left I count as slug range.

and with dual motors oof 3p not enough for sure.

How about a 10s4p?

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Sounds like a good solid standard.

Would a 12s3p also work? Since it has a higher wh than a 10s3p

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Sure but chances are your going to use the same gearing

I mean I don’t know how the Esc works but I bet it’s going to be less efficient

going slower on a board thats now because of the higher voltage geared for a higher speed.

Now that’s all I’m going to say I still have more opinionated thoughts on that but without knowing how the esc converts the voltage etc I can’t say anything more.

Would i get more range if i used 6364 motors for example?

Your getting into the whelms of advanced esk8 knowledge.

I’ve read the debates on bigger or smaller motors and if weight is not an issue then the motors you have are totally fine if not better in some peoples opinion.

At the end, bigger battery is better. Makes the pack last longer, less sag, more range

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